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"LMR's Weekly Author Stalk" featuring Alison G. Bailey, author of Amazon Best Seller & Top Rated Lists "Present Perfect"

Hey Friends! Today I got to sit down with author Alison G. Bailey, author of one of my very favorite books, NA Contemporary Romance, "Present Perfect". 

What inspired you to write “Present Perfect”? 
There is a particular aspect of Amanda (Tweet) my main female character that I wanted to do a story about.

Can you tell us a little bit about your main characters? 
Tweet is a witty, sarcastic, intelligent young woman who strives for perfection in everything she does. She’s always been compared to her “perfect” older sister, Emily, and because of that she has always felt insecure.  Her insecurities have always been present, so she has a hard time trying to overcome them. She grew up with her best friend, Noah and as they get older they realize how much they love each other. Tweet’s insecurities keep her from being with Noah. She feels he deserves better than her. She’s afraid of ruining their friendship.

Noah, is sweet, thoughtful, patient, confident and loves Tweet unconditionally, but he’s no pushover. He has never doubted his feelings for her and has no problem letting her know. Where Tweet is unsure about most things, Noah is absolutely sure about them.

Did you write the story from the beginning to the end or out of order? 
Out of order for the most part.

Did you always know how the story would end or did it come to you as you wrote it? 
When I first started I thought I knew how it was going to end, but then things changed and so did the ending.

Did you find any characters more difficult to write about than others? 
Do you have any favorite characters to write about? I didn’ find a character difficult to write, but I did have a hard time writing some of the decisions they needed to make for the story. I love each of the characters for different reasons, even the jerks.

When writing, are you more character driven or plot driven?
Probably more character driven. I love writing dialogue and showing the character’s personality through that.

Did you have a particular audience in mind when you started writing, or did it just unfold as you went? 
I didn’t have a particular audience. One of the great things since the book has been released is getting notes from people who range in age from 17 to 70. I love when moms contact me and tell me they got their daughters to read it.

What was your favorite part of the process? What was your least favorite part? 
Favorite part was watching the story and characters develop. I occasionally would look back at my very first notes and see how the characters evolved.
Least favorite part - edits.

What are you reading right now? 
Falling Into You by Jacinda Wilder.

Do you have any “must haves” when writing? 
Diet Pepsi, online thesaurus/dictionary, and something sweet, preferably chocolate. I have to have music, but I don’t listen to it while I’m actually writing.

How long is your TBR list? 
Is it hard to make time to fit in a personal read? My TBR list is long and growing by leaps and bounds. It’s very hard to make time to read like I use to. There are times when I ache just to spend a day reading. I love to get lost in a book.

Do you have new projects in mind for the future? 
My current project is Brad’s story, Past Imperfect. It’s not a sequel to Present Perfect, but more of a spin-off. I’m toying with the idea of Present Perfect from Noah’s POV. We will see. If I can figure out how to make the story completely fresh and not just a rehash then I would consider it.

1 – Favorite TV Show & Movie……….TV-The Big Bang Theory. Movie-The Jerk, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller, Forrest Gump. Sorry, I’m just like Tweet. I have four favorite movies.
2 – Coffee, Tea or Soda……….Diet Pepsi followed quickly by sweet tea.
3 – eBook or Paperback……….eBook
4 – Favorite Reading Spot……….My sofa
5 – Most Loved Genres………New Adult and Contemporary Romance. I like some suspense too..
6 – Sing along or listen quietly……….Sing along. Usually only my dogs and husband hear me, which is my gift to the world.
7 – Pool or Beach……….Beach
8 – Movie Theatre or Rent at Home……….Movie theatre
9 – Dog or Cat……….Dog
10 – Sweet or Salty……….Sweet
11 – Camping or Hotel……….Hotel
12 – BBFs, Flawed or Perfect……….Flawed

About The Author:

Alison was born and raised in Charleston, SC. As a child she used her imagination to write additional scenes to TV shows and movies that she watched. She attended Winthrop University and graduating with a BA in Theater. While at Winthrop she began writing one act plays which she later produced. Throughout the years she continued writing and producing several one act plays, but then life got in the way and she hung up her pen for a while. On the advice of a friend, she started writing again. In January 2013, Alison sat down at her computer and began writing her first novel, Present Perfect.

Alison lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband, Jef, and their two furry children (dogs).  She’s addicted to Diet Pepsi and anything with sugar.




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