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Review by: Lisa Harley
Lana ~ A Novella by RK Lilley

4 Stars!

WOW! Where‐oh‐where is my Akira? This is the question of the day. That man is big, strong, beautiful, smart, and a sweetheart. I repeat: WOW! When I read about him in the In Flight series I wasn’t sure how I felt about him. It seemed as though he had broken Lana’s heart and left her to drown in her sorrow. I wasn’t loving him then, but all of that changed last night.

“You’re breaking my heart, baby. How I must have hurt you, to have you thinking that I didn’t want contact for all of these years. How could you ever think that?”

I felt so bad for Lana in the beginning of this book. How hard it must have been for her to go back to Hawaii... She had loved Akira since she threw herself at him when she was eighteen. She had always thought of him as her protector. Then to finally seduce him only to hear him talking the next day about how she was an “inconvenient infatuation”. But no matter what he said or did she could never hate him.

“I could never hate you Akira. I could never even stay mad at you for more than a day, if you recall. Even when I tried very hard to.”

Tutu rocked my socks! She was hilarious...seriously one of my favorite parts of the book. I don’t want to spoil anything, but she always knew.

I really enjoyed the way R.K. Lilley worked James and Bianca into the story. It wasn’t much, but just enough to remind me why I loved this series so much.

Okay, now on to the really good parts...the sex in this book is HOT! Steamy! Wow! I go back to my earlier question...where‐oh‐where is my Akira?

To recap Lana – Akira is hot, Lana wants needs him, Tutu is hilarious, Milena needs a trip to skank island, and the sex is HOT!

If you enjoyed the In Flight series, you will not be disappointed with Lana.

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