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"Changing Fate" by Amy Cox
May 14, 2013 - Amazon/Kindle


 What happens when everything youthought felt so right, all of a sudden is all wrong? Rachel loves Tim and sheis reminded of that every time she looks at their baby Alyssa. On the morningof their third anniversary, she decides that he doesn't see her anymore and shegoes back to St. Louis to help her sister and mother with her ailing father.
Ray Mitchell, sees Rachel and he is drawn to her immediately. Alyssa seems tobe icing on the cake for him. When Tim would run the other way from emotion andanything to do with the baby, Ray embraces Rachel and her baby making her feelthings she never imagined.
After a tragic car crash Rachel has to step up and make some hard choices andfigure out not just what she wants but what she needs.


Check out this excerpt: 

After I finish my coffee, I rinse our mugs and put them in the dishwasher.  Silently scolding myself over letting Tim control my thoughts again; it happens less and less but it still happens.  I sigh as I clean off the counter and the door swings open.  I laugh, “Ray we have wasted enough time last night and this morning…you are late now you know?”  I tease and turn around to meet four wide amused eyes…Kate and Zack.
“Babe it is only a waste of time if you aren’t doing it right.” Kate teases.
Zack laughs and sits at the table. “Oh they are doing it right Sweetheart.  Sit down ladies I have a story.”
                                                What was that Zack?
I look at Kate, “Where is Lys?”
         “Asleep in the portable in the living room.” She replies as we sit.
Zack hands out the donuts and lattes then smiles at us, “Ok… So, once upon a time there was this fabulously, sexy, amazing…”
         “Zack!” We both yell frustrated with his vanity. I swear and he says women are bad!
He chuckles, “OK, OK…Anyway, I pull up outside my cousin’s condo late one night.  He is not home.  Just as I am about to leave, his car pulls in the driveway.” Zack says watching me. Oh No!  Kate glances from Zack to me beyond intrigued. “Just as I start to walk up, the doors swing open and my cousin and his girl run up to the door.”
Kate’s eyes go wide and I blush.  Oh no! Oh my…No!
                                “I start walking up worried something is wrong, I mean I see no baby girl, and they are running full on sprinting.  Then my cousin shoves girl up against the door and she wraps around him like a damn pretzel as he jams the key in the lock.”
                Oh my God as if I haven’t been thoroughly embarrassed enough since I have been home!
I bang my head against the table, “Oh Rach tell me you did it right there on the steps, that is so hot!  Oh the slamming and forceful make-out sessions…so yum!” She squeals clapping her hands.
Zack waits until my eyes meet his again, “No.  Ray got them inside.” Kate frowns and I relax a bit.  “But…” Zack says raising his hand. “I figured that I could sneak to my room once they were in his to get my backpack and sneak right back out.  Hey, they’d never see me right?” I cover my burning face in my hands as Zack brings it on home. “Well I step up on the porch and not two feet from the door I see his backside and her legs…still wrapped around him her clothes all over the floor behind him.  I mean not much of a view unless you like male jean clad ass.” He shrugs, “But the noises…those were porno worthy!” He tosses his head back and mocks me with a high-pitched yelp as I peak through my fingers. “’Oh Ray!’.... and then a very demanding ‘Rip them already!’”
Kate roars with laughter and fans herself with her napkin, “Damn that’s hot.” She says nudging me with her elbow. “I told you two before that you were hotter than my books!  Damn!”
Pulling my hands back from my eyes I glare at Zack. “Love that shade of red, on you Rachel.  Almost the same shade of pissed of lobster Ray will be!” He teases as I slap him on the back of the head. “Ouch…hey!” He yelps.
“I’ll give you a piece of advice Zack, don’t mention it to Ray.” I snap pointing my finger at him.
He shrugs, “Why you think he will be all pissy like you, Babe?”
                  “I don’t want to find out.” I say standing up, “I have to go open the spare room, Ray has people coming soon.” I toss over my shoulder and walk in to find my princess sleeping soundly in her play pen.  I kiss her forehead and walk down the hall and open the door to the spare room.

Amy Cox is a twentynine year old wife and mother of three. She was born and raised just outside St. Louis Missouri in Granite City,Illinois.  After finding her own lovestory in real life; she lives happily married living in the beautiful mountainsof Virginia.  Having wrote stories andpoetry all her life Amy was inspired to write of life and love; which lead totaking the leap of faith into self-publishing her work on Amazon. 
Her first book, anovella called ‘Out of the Wreckage, was released in late February of 2013 andhas sold well over a thousand copies and growing quickly.  Changing Fate is her first full length noveland the first of the series.  The secondbook of the series, Rekindled Fire, will be out late Fall 2013.
“There is somethingabout love, the true kind of love that puts off such heat and emotion.  It makes your stomach roll and your heartclench.  It completely knocks your feetout from under you.  That feeling whereyou don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or throw something.  That is what I want to write about, what Iwant to capture; that is life.  It isreal.”

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