Thursday, May 16, 2013

5 Emotion Filled Stars Review of "Safe Word" by Teresa Mummert

Safe Word by Teresa Mummert

5 Emotion Filled Stars!!!

Where to start....? First, I was beyond excited to get an ARC of Safe Word! Yes, it was amazing!!! 

I was instantly addicted to Colt. It was love at first chapter for me. I wanted to make him feel better, heal the brokenness I could feel within him. His confidence is complete and he oozes alpha male and raw sex appeal, leaving you with a hot steamy hunger and he has the follow through to leave you satisfied yet wanting more. 

The journey Teresa Mummert took me on and her wrap up of this story is simply awesome. 

There is a specific story revelation towards the end, that I never even suspected or thought of it as a possibility which completely ties to the last sentence of the first paragraph in chapter 1 'Rose Colored Glasses'. 

Ahh, Rose Colored Glasses, admittedly, I too, view the world through Rose Colored Glasses. I'd be more than happy for Colt to fracture those glasses, opening my eyes to reality & spend the time with him to accomplish that. Believe me, he would do it with ease. 

His actions, responses and thoughts, are they redeemable? You'll have to decide that for yourself. Being broken leads to these  decisions, reactions & self protective strategies. 

Lily... I'll admit, as sad as her situation was, she made me mad. Surprisingly to some I am sure, and I may be in the minority, but it is what it is. She's as broken as Colt and relates to him on a level that only they could share. Even with the circumstances being what they were for her, the decisions she made and the immense pain that they caused, were too much for me to easily forgive. I did say that I was addicted to Colt right? That I wanted to heal his brokenness... Make him feel better.

The stark need that they have for each other is clear. Their hunger for the others love is heart breaking.

Safe Word is amazing, a roller coaster of emotions swept through me while reading it. I even feared that Teresa would make me ugly cry at a couple points and I'll leave that for you to find out if she did when you read it. It's a beautiful story of love, loss,  pain, healing, forgiveness and redemption. Not to forget the Smokin HOT scenes that left me searching for a fan! 

This is a 5 Star keeper shelf book for me :-) 

Review by: Stacy Bailey Darnell - Literary Mania Reviews

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