Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review: "Captive In The Dark" by CJ Roberts

5 Rocked My World Off It's Axis & Shocked Me Into Submission Stars

"Captive In The Dark" by CJ Roberts

Loved this book...

Well, I've written notes about both CITD & SITD over the time since I read them, it took me a while to wrap my head around this amazing, shocking, enthralling, emotionally captivating complex story.

I fell in love with Caleb from the moment I read about him watching Livvie wait for the bus. I was filled with a mixture of false hope and assumed relief at their first run in... My heart was broken at their next encounter. I was both shocked and enthralled by this entire book. (By the entire series really, but I'll get to that in my review of "Seduced In The Dark" or SITD)

I both loved and hated Caleb throughout the book. He made me feel safe, confused, happy (yes....that's right, happy) terrified, made me cry and Caleb hurt my feelings pretty damn badly too.

Caleb... oh my poor tortured soul, Caleb. The glimpses we get of Caleb's past through his memories show that there's more than meets the eye with him.

The book starts off with Caleb feeling conflicted... Watching this young woman, Olivia (Livvie) while she waits for a bus. She's the perfect match for what he's looking for. He's made a commitment & has a job to do, and nothing is going to stop him from doing it or cause him to let his mentor down. The things that the need for revenge will push you to do.

Livvie, the sweet, quiet seemingly docile girl who turns out to be surprisingly willful. She is a fighter, but even more importantly Livvie is a headstrong survivor.

Caleb is both Livvie's protector and tormentor, they're both conflicted and confused by their feelings.

Will Livvie find the strength that she needs to survive this? Will they both understand and come to terms with their feelings?

While all this is happening between Caleb & Livvie, there are darker things on the horizon. Things that Caleb and Livvie are to be a part of. Plans set in motion that cannot be stopped. Does Caleb's will falter? Can he follow through with his promises?

Captive In The Dark is amazing, and I immediately downloaded Seduced In The Dark and started reading it when I was finished reading CITD.

WARNING: This book contains very disturbing situations, dubious consent, strong language, and graphic violence.

Review by: Stacy Bailey Darnell/Literary Mania Reviews

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