Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Eeeeep!!! "Epilogue" by CJ Roberts is up for PRE-ORDER!!!

OMG!!! We can PRE-ORDER: "Epilogue" by CJ Roberts​​

Releases on June 15th!!!

Hurry! Go & pre-order " Epilogue" now!!!

This series is AMAZING!!! I've been working on adding my reviews to my blog while keeping y'all up on cover reveals, blog tours and new releases so to celebrate the pre-order & get ready for this awesome book release, I'm going to grab my notes I've made & write up my reviews for book 1 "Captive In The Dark" and book 2 "Seduced In The Dark" if y'all haven't read these, they are amazing! It's such a complex storyline with plots and sub plots and twists & turns... It's not a series for the faint of heart... Which I thought I was, until I read these 2 books, I quickly found out what term "mindfuck book" meant. I love Caleb & Livvie sooo hard! CJ takes you on a unbelievable & amazing journey!

I have both books signed and on my keeper shelf... Hopefully will one day add Epilogue to it as well ;-)

I have to say that CJ Roberts has turned me into a Dark Duet Junkie... I HAVE TO HAVE MORE.....!!!

WARNING: This book may contain very disturbing situations, dubious consent, strong language, and graphic violence.

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