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Blog Tour Stop: "Destined To Succeed" by Lisa M. Harley (Book Review, Cade Interview, Giveaway & More)


What would you do if what you worked your entire life to build was suddenly destroyed?
Cade Walker is a cowboy Casanova. He’s cocky and he doesn’t care who knows it. He was raised on Walker Ranch and was destined to one day take it over. What he didn’t know was how soon that would happen. After his parents are killed in a car accident he is thrust into becoming a responsible adult. Well, sort of. Cade is always responsible when it comes to business, but pleasure, now that’s a whole other story.

Suzanna Mallory is a red-headed spitfire, who also happens to be Cade’s best friend. She has loved Cade since they met when they were nine years old, but Cade just isn’t the type to get married and settle down. Suzanna finds herself in an abusive marriage and the only thing that keeps her sane is her daughter, Isabella, and working with Cade at Walker Ranch.

When a fire threatens to destroy the future of Walker Ranch, Cade and Suzanna have to work together to save it. What will this mean for her marriage or to the feelings that she has for Cade?

And now that Cade thought he found love with Loralei Harper, only to realize she didn’t feel the same way, is he ready to settle down?

Is Cade Walker Destined to Succeed?

"Destined To Succeed" by Lisa M. Harley

5/5 Super Sexy Stars

"Destined To Succeed" was simply amazing. I knew from reading Lisa M. Harley's debut novel "Destined To Change" that her writing captured me and I felt her words. It was clear to me then that I would want more. 

First things first, Cade Walker... It's no secret that I was Not Team Cade at all in DTC. In fact I'm pretty sure the whole of the Facebook indie-book community I frequent knows this. 

So... While I knew I would enjoy reading "Destined To Succeed", and waiting not so patiently for her to finish writing it after the prologue I read at the end of DTC, I may or may not have sent some er, rather "encouraging" messages to the author to take her laptop and get in her writing cave so I could find out what happened next. 

My surprise? Cade Holy Hotness Walker!! How in the world did she make me fall in love with HIM? Talk about I didn't see THAT coming! Yeah, she did. (Relax, my loyalties lie with Jaxon from DTC) but, Cade Walker has so many layers to him. I can honestly say that I look forward to seeing snippets of him in future "Destined Books". 

Suzanna... Oh my God. I loved her. I wanted to protect her. I wanted to talk sense into her. Hell into both of them from time to time. The journey that she goes through and the absolute hell and horrors that she faces. I cannot imagine facing those situations myself. 

The level of emotions that I felt while reading DTS was light and easy yet at times very intense & definitely smokin' HOT!!! 

Strength? Love? Loyalty? Cade & Suzanna have it in spades.

Oh, and you may want to have a box of Kleenex nearby, just sayin'. 

Definitely a 5 Star book... Add it to your TBR list and watch for it in June! I love to feel and get lost in the books I read. Thank you Ms. Harley and get back in your writing cave!! 

Review by Stacy Bailey Darnell/Literary Mania Reviews

Destined to Succeed Excerpt:

Cade walked up behind me and pulled my hand with the shot glass up to his mouth. He had me press it to his lips as he slammed it back. He was standing so close to me. His chest was pressed against my shoulder.

“You havin’ a party without me, hon?” I could feel his breath against my neck.

“A party just ain’t a party without Cade Walker, right?” I was trying to be funny, but my voice was shaky because he was just too close for me to think straight. He gently turned me around to face him. I felt his finger under my chin as he tilted my head up to look at him. His eyes were smoldering and this might have been the shots talking, but he was totally kissing me with those eyes.

Hold onto your seats ladies... I am sitting down with the sexy Cade Walker for an interview!!!

(Someone needs to get me a fan!)

Cade walks in with his signature Wranglers, green plaid button down shirt, Ariat boots, and his white Stetson. Those green eyes of his are sparkling. He nods and tips his hat. “Evenin’, hon. Where do ya want me?”

Oh, um... (omg! He just turned around to find a chair... eyes up and off his ass Stacy! wth is wrong with me) you can sit in the chair right there. (I point to the one directly in front of me, wait did he just flash that sexy smirk of his... Dear God, seeing it in person is waaaay more potent than reading about it!) yeah, right there is perfect. (I better jump into this interview before I jump something else…lol)

The first thing I want to ask is after you & Suzanna had sex the first time & she suddenly acted weird, why didn’t you make her talk to you & tell you what was wrong? 

“I didn’t know how she felt.  She’d told me she didn’t feel like that about me, and I believed her. I know it was stupid, but I thought I was respectin’ her wishes.”

...Oh Cade, don't be so hard on yourself. 

Hmm... I get it. After your parents died why didn't you tell Suzanna  how you felt then? 

“The same reason I didn’t say anything when we were sixteen. I didn’t think she wanted me.  I knew we had hot sex, but I thought that was all she wanted from me. I wanted more and was just too damn stupid to realize it.”

What is your biggest regret? 

“Lettin’ that bastard, Branch lay a hand on my girl for all those years. It took me a long time to move past the hatred I felt for that damn man, but I’m slowly getting’ there.”

(Poor Cade, he really looks like he needs a hug, hmm... Sigh, I should take one for the team and comfort that sexy man)

Did you ever have a "come to Jesus Meetin" with Branch about Suzanna? 

“Darlin, we had several meetin’s back in high school.  I beat the shit out of him on more than one occasion. He was an asshole, but my girl wanted to be with him. I didn’t know what the hell I could do about that. I shouldn’t have let ‘em get married, I shoulda stopped it.  But hindsight’s 20/20 right?”

If you knew Branch cheated on Suzy Q why didn't you do something? 

“I tried. Like I said before we had several meetin’s back in high school…but no matter what happened Suzy Q always stayed with him. After they got married I figured he stopped cheatin’. He kept everything pretty well hidden. If I’d known he cheated on her after they got married, well let’s just say things might’ve went down a little differently.”

...I'll bet, you don't come across as the "let things slide" kinda guy.

Did you really love Loralei Harper? If so what do Lor & Suzanna have in common that made you fall in love with them?

“At the time it was happenin’ I thought it was love.  I know now that it wasn’t. Suzy Q and Lor are both very independent, strong women.  Who the hell wouldn’t love ‘em? He’d have to be a blind, crazy fool. Oh, and those damn brown eyes.  They get me everytime.”

If you could talk to your Momma and Dad today, what would you say? 

“Damn, now I’m gonna sound like a little girl.” *wipes his eye with the corner of his sleeve. “I’d tell ‘em both I miss ‘em and I love ‘em.  I’d tell my momma that she was right the whole damn time. And I’d tell my dad that my heart finally picked the right one.”

(oh my heart is breaking for this man)

Cade, what are you the most proud of? 

“My family and my ranch. I wasn’t sure I’d ever get the chance to have a family of my own, and now that I do, I don’t know what the hell I’d do without ‘em.”

What is your best memory from growing up? 

“I have a few, but most of my favorites include Suzy Q. The times we spent with my mom and dad down by the pond…it don’t get no better than that.”

Ok, it's time for my Fast Five Favorite Questions...

Favorite meal your Mom made growing up? 

“Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and her sweet potato casserole with the burnt marshmallows on top.  Best damn meal ever. Oh, and I can’t forget her homemade yeast rolls.  One bite of those would send a man to his knees.”

Favorite Color? 

“I always thought green was my favorite color, but now I’d have to say red. I fuckin’ love the color red. It reminds me of a certain gorgeous redhead.”

Favorite Dessert? 

“Lemon bars. My girl makes the best lemon bars in the county. Damn, probably the whole world.”

Favorite Song? 

“You Don’t Know Her Like I Do” by Brantley Gilbert.  It reminds me of my Suzy Q.

Favorite er.. past-time or activity? 

*With a wink of his eye, he leaned over and put his hand on my knee. “Now darlin’…I think we both know the answer to that question.”

(I released the breath I didn't realize I was holding, damn I can feel his warm sexy heat from his hand on my knee...) 

Oh Cade, thank you for stopping by today, believe me it was my pleasure to have you here in my studio. (Where's the damn fan???!?!?)


Author Bio:
I grew up in a really small town in Missouri. Very similar to the fictional town I wrote about in my novel. I moved to the big city right after I graduated. I work full-time and I am mom to a beautiful little girl. I started writing in October when a group I am in had a prologue contest. I didn't win the contest, but everyone who read my prologue asked for more of my story. I decided I had to finish it and get these characters that were in my head out on paper. During the writing process it became clear that this was going to be more than one novel. It had to be a series. I have at least 2 more novels planned for the Destined Series. I also have an idea for a YA novel that stems from one of the characters in Destined to Change...hint, hint. When I was asked to write this bio I explained that I am really boring and it would be really, that's about all there is to know about me. I love music and honestly couldn't have written this book without my Spotify playlist. I am kinda obsessed with frogs (not real ones) and office supplies are my downfall! I could spend my whole paycheck at the stationery store...boring, didn't I already say that? lol Also, I am slightly addicted to Facebook and Voxer. Please message me on either one...I would love to hear from all of you.

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  1. The interview rocked! Damn Cade is sexy and sweet! Loved the book, hope I win the paperback to add to by self!